The Cape Town Heritage Trust is an independent, private-sector, non-profit organisation
concerned with the conservation and enhancement of the man-made and natural environment
and hence with the socio-economic advancement of the city and its people.

The Trust was established in 1987 by the Cape Town City Council with the backing of the Cape Provincial Administration. A number of buildings in Shortmarket and Hout Streets, originally acquired for road-widening purposes, were donated to the Trust. These properties were sold subject to conditions as to their restoration and conservation. The Trust is actively engaged in a partnership scheme with the Council and individual property owners for the upgrading of these streets and has already ensured the improvement of certain sections.


View of the Bo-Kaap

Glynville Terrace, Lower Gardens

Views up Long Street

Grain Silo building, V and A Waterfront

Entrance to the Castle of Good Hope

The City Hall viewed from the Grand Parade

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